UNI-LOC Accessories

UNI-LOC system accessories helps you to expand the boundaries of your imagination and your capabilities. These accessories help you to change, evolve and extend the configuration of your UNI-LOC systems, such that that you have an easy, ready-to-use solution to almost every problem or situattion that you throw at it..

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UNI-LOC System Accessory Bracket

The UNI-LOC accessory bracket attaches to one of the double platform faces on a System 1700 tripod. The adjustable arms allow accessories to be mounted on a level plane with the camera.

Two flashguns may be mounted to the arms which makes it an ideal setup for macro photography.

NB: Incompatible with Major tripod series.


UNI-LOC Tripod Carrying Bag
UNILOC Tripod Leg Wraps

The UNI-LOC Tripod Leg Wraps are camouflaged and ideal for nature photography. Reversible padded leg wraps to camouflage and protect your tripod legs. It also gives you a soft warm grip for carrying the tripod during cold weather.

Manufactured to fit all UNI-LOC tripods, these legs come with standard camouflage and leaf patterns.

UNI-LOC Tripod Carrying Bags
UNI-LOC Quick Release Camera Wedge  

This well made product is a quick release camera plate with a wedge platform and safety catch to gaurd againt acidental release. These are the same as fitted to UNI-LOC ball heads with quick release, but are available as separate units. The smaller 25 is suitable for lightweight 35mm cameras.

The larger model 30 will take heavy 35mm and medium format cameras. Available with 1/4" camera screw and base thread only.

UNI-LOC Quick Release Camera Wedge


UNI-LOC Major 180 Degree Swivel
UNI-LOC 180 Degree Angle Joint

In confined spaces or during low level work, the angle joint can be used to provide both fine camera adjustment or a horizontal base from which to work. Fits Major series tripods or equivalent.


UNI-LOC 90 Degree Angle Plate





90 Degree Angle Plate
When working at low levels, with centre column parallel to the ground, the angle plate allows the tripod head to be used in an upright position.


UNI-LOC Tilt Platform On Tripod



Major Tilt Platform
This accessory fits in place of the centre column pillar guide to provide a firm base for a large tripod head. Ideal for heavy lenses and telescopes. Ideal for use with our Major 2300 tripod.



UNI-LOC Tilt Bracket




Major Centre Column Swing Bracket
This bracket also fitsin place of the centre column pillar guide and provides an independent sideways swing facility of the centre column. This is also very useful in confined spaces.





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